Friday, April 29, 2011


Look what I am going to get tomorrow!! Yay! Cant you just see the potential!? I am thinking of painting it white and replacing the hardware. I found it on Craigslist  for $120 but I offered $75 and he took it!! Yay!!

image 2

awesome I know...  :0)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mirrors & Rug Placement

So I am in the process of re-decorating the house and I am starting with the living room first.

I have measured the mirrors that will go on either side of the fireplace to get a visual. My canvas for my IO Metro knockoff that I'll paint is on the fireplace.

I also measured out a rug size to get a visual. This is a 5x7 and I think a 6x9 will work better.

These 2 walls with the artwork will be changed as well. I am going to do a framed collage of pictures and artwork on the left wall, but I am still thinking about what to do on the right wall.

Here is the after for the mirrors

and here is the after for the rug

much better!

Amy Butler Curtains

So I bought this fabulous Amy Butler fabric from (6 yards for 2 panels) and made some curtains for $8 a yard , sweetness! I also raised the curtain rods to the ceiling.

ok ok I got impatient and hung the left panel up without hemming the bottom but I just wanted to see the full effect!!

Mistake turns into an awesome idea, I accidently cut the fabric 4 inches short on this panel (thinking I wouldnt need it) and so I had to go back and hem an extra strip to the bottom but I think it looks great! It gives it something extra!

Can you see it? Its not that noticeable but I know its there...

Does Hemming tape count as sewing? :0)

IO Metro Artwork

So I am dying to start painting my I.O. Metro knockoff! Here it is in all it's glory! *sigh* I should start on it this weekend hopefully...

Here is it through the window, sorry its a horrible picture of it and it doesn't do it justice. There is actually 2 of them side by side in the store above this bed.


So I made a mini version of it on some canvas paper and I hated it. BOOOOO!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


First dress I ever made...

Second dress I made (Same "pattern", different fabric)

New Life ahead!

Praise Jesus!!! Jordan got the job!!! He will be a service writer for the BMW Dealership!! Yay!!!

In the beginning....

Oh a new day has begun! Jordan is at his interview for a new job and this is what we have been waiting for, for like forever. Lord, please let this be your blessing for us!! We have had opposite schedules since we were engaged in 2006. Now having 2 kids and opposite schedules makes life even harder. This career change has been in our prayers for years. God we know you are in charge and you have heard our cry!

I am on pins and needles dying to know whats going on. Patience Melissa! Ugh!! Well good thing I have some gum, bc it is helping my nerves by chewing piece after piece. haha

Well I will update as soon as I know something... Prayers are needed!