Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Goodies

As you are aware, my birthday fell on vacation and of course my family/friends give me what my heart desires (aka money) so that means I spent some. :0)

Before I show you what I purchased at the Outlet Mall I did score a goodie online as well.

Do you remember this scarf I wanted??

Well I finally bought the green one, Yay!!  $14.99- 10% off (SAVE10 >code) = $13.50! Holla!

I am picturing myself wearing it with a white shirt, skinny jeans and boots. Ahhh! So excited!

Outlet Mall Items
Banana Republic iPhone/wallet wristlet

$34.99 - 20%off - extra 30%off (coupon on phone) = $17.49!!

*Love that its fur and leopard print*
*This also serves as a protective measure and prohibits me from putting my phone in my back pocket*

JCrew Black Sweater Dress $29.99- extra 30% off = $21

*sorry the lighting in my bedroom is not exactly ideal*

Banana Republic Black/Cream Trim Cardigan $24.99-30%off = $17.50
Gap Navy & White Striped tanks 70%off = $4.50 each
JCrew V-Neck Striped Long Sleeve $29.99- 40%off = $18
JCrew Red V-Neck Sweater $49.99-30%off - 25%off =  $26.25
JCrew Navy Striped Scarf $12.99

JCrew Mint V-Neck Sweater $49.99-30%off - 25%off =  $26.25
JCrew Necklace $29.99-20%off = $24

Gap Wide Striped Sweater $17.99

Charlotte Russe Sequin Tank $19
JCrew Ostrich Skinny Belt 17.99- 30%off = $12.60

I almost bought this necklace online last night but I missed my chance and they took it down. Boooo!

Oh and here is my view today... uh do you see that I can no longer see my feet

And look what goody I took home after my appt this morning
Yuck! October 24th will NOT be a fun morning drinking this!

Monday, September 24, 2012

22 Weeks and a Squash

Baby News

How far along: 22 weeks!
Baby Size: Spaghetti Squash -11 inches & he weighs almost 1 lb!
(no wonder my belly is huge!- look at the size of that squash!)
Maternity clothes: Yes and No still
Sleep: Good except for 100 potty breaks
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Uh the smell of throw up!
Best moment of the week: Going to Orange Beach!
 Movement: Another soccer player I think
Food Cravings: Sweets and Breakfast
Gender: BOY
Symptoms: Severe pain when I bend over for more than 15 seconds and just
worn out from everyday tasks
Mood: Elated! I wish I could wear all of my new stuff!
Looking forward to: COLD weather!
I am talking Fireplace, heater on, hot chocolate, blankets, fuzzy socks, Pumpkin spice anything COLD!
* I will upload the pictures of the stuff I bought at the outlet mall this week*

Orange Beach


We woke up and this was our view

Grandma Libbie surprised us by coming!

Waiting for breakfast by chef Tony

Heading to the Beach!

Both kids LOVED playing in the sand

I don't think they have ever been this content/quiet while playing ..... ever

Me and the hubbs

After all that work to get out to the beach, Brett only lasted maybe 2-3 hours before he got really
tuckered out/cranky. Jordan and I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to go again.

 (It literally took an army and boat load of stuff to even get out to the beach then to turn around and pack it back up and try to rinse them off.... I probably burned 5,000 calories)

That evening when the kids went to bed, Jordan tried out the indoor heated swimming pool

He said he slept like a baby after swimming in it

Breakfast snack and Mimi's birthday!

What better way to celebrate Mimi's birthday than with a Shopping day!

Both kids did extremely well considering how long we were there for.

Both of them fell asleep like this, but I only got Brett's picture

They played on the playground then daddy treated them to a carousel ride!

They both loved it

Best Outlet Mall seriously

Unfortunately , shortly after we left and were heading back to the condo, Mallie threw up in the car.
Fun times

Little man woke up early (6am) so it was just me and him enjoying the sunrise :0)

Mallie went back to the beach with her grandparents.
 Jordan, Brett and I went back to the outlet mall.

Brett chillin next to this groovy car :0)

We headed back home at 3pm.

We ate at the condo (thanks to chef Tony) the whole time and just relaxed for the most part.

Jordan posted on FB
"Vacation with kids is not vacation...
It's stress in a peaceful looking environment."

True words honey


(Baby Update later today)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's my Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to Moi!

28 years

been married since 2006
been having humans since 2008

Thank you Jesus for my family and friends!


Monday, September 17, 2012

21 Weeks

Since you are aware of my current situation

I will just be providing you a baby update this morning until I have more to report.

21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks!
Baby Size: Carrot - 10 1/2 inches and 3/4 lb 
Maternity clothes: Yes and No still
Sleep: Am I the only one who sleeps amazingly well in clean sheets? I would wash them everyday if I could
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Not eating (blood sugar drop)
Best Worst moment of the week: Dropping my iPhone in the toilet (see yesterday's post)
 Movement: Yes lots
Food Cravings: Pumpkin Bread (Fresh Market) Uh-mazing!! & yes I will take this as my birthday cake)
Gender: BOY
Symptoms: Ligament pain, itchy belly, weight gain hello!
Mood: Depressed, I did NOT want to spend b-day money on a new phone but it might be my only choice.
Looking forward to: My Birthday on Wednesday and leaving for Orange Beach that evening.
I will update soon


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Always check your back pockets

Guess what happened to me this morning....

Oh yea... 

I am not EVEN joking

So now it's currently... 

*These are not pictures of my iPhone*

So now I am like this...

and this

Someone please come bring me ice cream as I wait 2 days 
with no will to live, communication with the outside world,  phone.

*praying for a rice miracle!!!*


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daybed for the boys' room

I want to clarify I am not against bunk beds, I mean heck I had one growing up. But I also had carpet in my bedroom and our house has vinyl wood planks aka concrete hard floors aka Mallie has already cracked her head on once and that's enough for me to rule out a bunk bed thank you very much.

So I started browsing some daybeds with a trundle option...

Alternate View

Coaster Fine Furniture 300026 Wood Daybed with Trundle, White Finish

Not bad but the prices are like way out of my range, considering all of these start around $500 and go up.

Then I casually asked a friend of ours who is a master craftsman just to tell me how much it would be to build one. He said "Any of the Pottery Barn/Land of Nod Daybeds can be made at a fraction of the cost"
Uh winning answer!!!

Today I am now trying to see what style I want and honestly I am not liking any of the wooden daybeds. There are a wall of white bookshelves in Brett's room and another white piece of furniture is a
 no go with me. I don't want cherry or expresso (our floors are extremely dark). So what now!?

I had a brilliant idea come to mind...

An upholstered daybed!!
Our Master Craftsman can build the frame and I can upholster it!!
Ooooooooo!  So let's browse some options

1st one I found , I don't like the lines....
Celeste Daybed with Trundle

I like the lines of this leather one, simple yet classy. I think this is my favorite shape.

Luxury Beautiful And Attractive Leather Upholstered Daybed Design In Brown

A little too luxurious for a boys room but I love the nail head trim!!

hollace daybed on home upholstered furniture design 2

Oh man! I love this one with the big nail head trim!

I think we have a winning design
(I obviously keep posting pictures of the same shape)


I love the shape and simplicity of the square ends and no back board.
 I definitely want to pick out a cool fabric and add some nail head trim to it.

Next question is how do I upholster the foot boards/sides??


How to Make an Upholstered Foot board

Jenny from Little Green Notebook upholstered a headboard and foot board with ease

It can't be that hard right?!


Monday, September 10, 2012

20 weeks and 56 degrees

I hope everyone had a great weekend! What a change in weather we had down here!
We went from high 90's with a heat advisory in the 100's last week to a wonderful 56 degree temp
Sunday morning. Ahhhhhhhh! It will be like that all week too!!
I am sure you can already guess that I wore my boots yesterday and today :0)

Here is Miss Priss at her 1st ballet class of the year. A little sassy, no?!

And here is Brett looking all handsome, I promise he does smile.

My hubby made me an ecard the other day. What a sweet man I have!

We were finally playing outside yesterday (85 degrees) for like the 1st time this summer.
But I don't even think September is considered summer. It has really been THAT hot outside I promise.

20 Weeks

Ok here are the embarrassing pregnant shots, just for you.

How far along: 20 weeks!
Baby Size:  Banana (10 inches long! - they now measure the baby from head to heel)
Maternity clothes: Yes and No still
Sleep: I get sore from sleeping on my right side
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Still poo poo diapers and pills
Best moment of the week: Hanging out with our friends last Friday night
 Movement: Yes he is getting stronger too
Food Cravings: Sushi and more Sushi
Gender: BOY
Symptoms: Ligament pain is a killer
Mood: AWESOME, Fall time is my favorite time of the year, and the
cooler weather is making it even better
Looking forward to: My Birthday Next Wednesday!!!! Whoo hoo!
I take Cash, Credit Cards, Money Orders, Gift Cards and Checks ;0)

I think I am turning 28..... however I am not really sure... preggo brain...
Jordan, help!

Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Monday!