Monday, November 28, 2011

Copy Cat Master Bedroom

Remember the inspiration room?

And here is my room , (still in progress)

Let's compare prices so far:

Her beautiful room:

Paint, Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed
White Pin tuck Duvet, West Elm $99
Brown Coverlet (unknown)
Rug (unknown)
Crystal Lamps, local lighting store (unknown)
Devon Mirror, Z Gallerie $199
Headboard, she DIY'ed

My knock off room so far:

 Paint, Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed (LOVE)
DIY white pin tuck duvet $20 and 3 hours
Brown plush blanket, Kroger $17.99 Holla!
Sisal Rug, 8x10 $159.50
Acrylic Stacked Ball Lamps, Target $34.99
Devon Mirror, $180 + free shipp
Headboard, I DIY'ed here

I love having a "bench" at the foot of my bed but it is technically an ottoman.
 I could re-cover the ottoman or replace it with something skinnier and re-cover it??
 hmmm still trying to decide....

I still have a lot of work ahead
(decor, pillows, art, photos)
but it is definitely getting there :0)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

~Be Blessed~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY Headboard Reveal!

Here is the headboard reveal!!!

close up of the trim..

I LOVE it!!! and I can proudly say I did it by myself!! :0)

Now to hang my new mirror!!

Jordan had to do his "manly" thing haha

and Voila! 

Ahhhh! So beautiful!! 

Oh and the white curtains are leaving, my mother in-law bought them from me.

and one more close up of that beauty...

I think I am actually sleeping better now, haha!
So what do you think?!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY Headboard

Here are my basic steps of how I did it but the tutorial I followed was from

Hollow Door from Lowe's (they cut it for me) laid on 3 layers of batting 


Stepped on... ok just kidding... Mallie wanted to help :0)

I had a issue with my drop cloth for the fabric, there was a big seam down the middle! Boo! So I went to Walmart and got 2 yards of Natural Cotton Twill for $11.00 total. 

Sorry no pictures for the fabric part but all I did was take the door (with the stapled batting on it) and laid it on top of the fabric (ironed before hand) and stapled it also. Easy Peasy :0)

Then I applied the Nailhead...

Nailhead Trim Kit in French Natural from
$13.50 for 10 yards!

Tools I used for this process:

Hammer with doubled felt wrapped around it
(You are supposed to use a rubber mallet but I didn't have one, so I improvised)
Trim Kit

I started at the bottom and worked my way around. 

The corners were the trickiest, but once I put my "thinking cap" on I figured it out ....

And yes I just said "thinking cap", I am such a loser

Ahhh but you'll have to wait and see the final product until next time!!

Mwaahh haa haaa haaah haaaaaa!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Project Headboard

I officially started on my DIY Nail head trim headboard. I bought this door for $19, had it cut to size and brought it home myself. I measured my old queen size headboard and went with that measurement, which was 65" if you wanted to know. :0)
So here is my list:

         1 hollow door cut at Lowes to 65"L

ReliaBilt 80" x 36" 6-Panel Hollow Interior Slab Doors

6 yards of batting (3 layers total) by the yard


                        1 staple gun

Stanley Light Duty Staple Gun

               1 6X9 drop cloth for fabric

Blue Hawk 8 Oz. 6' x 9' Drop Cloth


  and 1 Nail Head trim Kit in French Natural

              Nailhead Trim with Nails


Project almost complete....

I am waiting on the Nail head trim to come in :0(

so I will post the complete project when I finish!


Oh and on a side note , my rugs should be here today! YAY!!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

I came, I saw and I ordered..

New rug from  50% off = $106.13 for an 8X11!!

Home Value Chevron Light Blue Rug
And the classic Sisal Rug with border> 50% off = $159.50 for an 8X10!!
Serendipity Sisal Herringbone Beige Rug

2 New rugs headed my way. I am super excited!

Hopefully Jordan will do the manly thing and not ask questions when they arrive... ;0)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Painted Master Bedroom!

We painted the Master Bedroom the Sherwin Williams - Rainwashed!! We also painted the trim white! Yippee!! We have been sleeping in the dining room ever since we finished the trim Sunday night- but who cares! I love my bedroom!

Ok here is the inspiration photo of my dream bedroom

Pinned Image

I already have this mirror waiting to be hung :0)

Pinned Image

And these are the fabrics I want for my pillows

Euro pillow fabric:

Watercress Dwell Studio Pillow Cover 17" square

2-20" pillows in this Ikat fabric: 
Pinned Image

Lumbar Pillow (at $124 a yard I wish!!):

Pillow Cover Schumacher Zenyatta Mondatta Decorative Throw Designer Lumbar Peacock Chevron Zig Zag Missoni 10 x 16

Here are my lamps!!

So what do you think?!? It's coming along quite nicely I think.

More to come...