Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Pre-Turkey Random Post

Anyone else ready to throw down on some Thanksgiving food besides me?!?
30 Week Checkup
 I was completely bored at my checkup yesterday so I turned it into a photo op
My $12 earrings from Mistletoe Marketplace

My 30 week belly

Doctor says I look great and I now start going every 2 weeks!
And yes there may or may not have been a tear shed when I stood on the scale.... :0(
Mallie Update
My strong willed independent stubborn at times sweet baby girl - and I love everything about her.
She might get star student of the week at daycare but last night her and Brett fought over just about every toy possible.
Mallie: "We have to share mommy"
Me : "That's right sweetie (as I am opening one of Brett's new toys)
*Much screaming from Brett
Me: "Mallie! share with Brett!" x4

Pillow Update
I was able to finish 5 pillows last night for my friend, yay!
I didn't iron them well because
#1 - I'm 30 weeks pregnant and lazy
 #2 - She wanted at least 4 pillows done by today so I was just rushing to finish

I have also decided I want this necklace in black
Bubble Bib Necklace, Bubble Necklace, Bubble Jewelry, Black Necklace, Black facet (Fn0508-F-Black)
I bought a dress at Mistletoe that would look amazing with a black statement necklace
I am sorry I never posted about what I bought that weekend... call it preggo brain :0)
Rash Update
 Brett broke out in that rash again yesterday afternoon but this time it was all over
 his body, so off to the doctor he went and it has been ruled a food reaction....
 but what food is the question.... scary I know!
He is on Benadryl every 6 hours and Steroids.... and let's just say
Brett + Steroids = crazy unhappy screaming toddler!
Tonight I am going to my Mother-in-law's Premier Jewelry Party
Have a Fantastic Tuesday :0)

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