Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Top 10

Here are the top 10 things that would make my heart go pitter patter this week


Yes I want a Zebra scarf , I don't even wear scarves unless its winter time but the
green one is pure eye candy for me.


This Herringbone Throw would be so nice wrapped around me and my baby-growing body.
Need this seriously....


Gilded Bird - Gold Lambskin Leather Feather Earrings
These earrings would make this momma feel glamorous... and
they could distract people from looking at my whale like baby-growing expanding body.


August's decline 10mb

I have been eyeing this art ever since I saw it on Pinterest .....
yes this would be absolutely divine in my living room right now.


The J. Crew bauble necklace that you can get on ebay. I want one in every color.


18" Ceramic Garden Stool
I want 2 of these stools.
I could put them anywhere in my house and they would make me happy camper.


Room Essentials Striped Duvet Set.Opens in a new window
I need this striped duvet from Target for Brett's room.
It would help bring in the color navy to his room- which he needs anyways.



This rug from RugsUSA.com is on major sale right now.
 I need a 9x12 size rug for my living room desperatly and I can get this rug for $175.50 total!!
The rug is normally $702.00 and they are having a 75% off sale.


No that is not me , but then again yes it is.... I want this nausea to GO AWAY!
Why oh why can't I be closer to the 2nd trimester!? :0(


Ice. Cold. Watermelon .... Oh My Gahhhhhh

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tidbits of my week

Fathers Day was great
 We got Jordan the Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Blue Ray DVD
and a Batman coffee cup.
We also went to Cock on the Walk (and ate way too much fried catfish)

We have been going to bed at 8:30 EVERY night.
Is it possible to be tired from getting too much sleep??

Anyways I stopped at Target yesterday for some diapers
(and only bought diapers- NOTHING else!! that has got to be an accomplishment!
 I deserve an award for that!)

But I still found some things that I want or need.

These were some new items just put out

Love the fish! But I really need want need some new white dishes

House of Privet is on sale and I saw some cute striped rugs

The quilt reminds me of Anthro and the Ice cream scoop..... well....
it reminds me that I need one with Ice cream in it.

Speaking of Ice cream... Am I seriously only 8 weeks?!

This belly would seem to differ

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Uh there's a baby in there

Baby Bean is Due January 28th

So there IS a reason I have wanted to cry and throw up everywhere!
Now it all makes sense!

Here is something fun I found on Shue Love that I will be doing throughout the pregnancy

How far along: 7 weeks
Baby Size: Blueberry
Maternity clothes: Not yet, but I'm so close to pulling them out!
Anything tight around my belly makes me sick, so I use a rubber band and the Bella Band.
Sleep: I sleep like a baby
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Everything!
Best moment of the week:  Me: "Mallie, I have a baby in my belly"
Mallie: "I have a baby in my belly too!"
Movement: None
Food Cravings: Sushi
Gender: Unknown
Symptoms: Sickness all. day. long.
Mood: I can cry about anything, and I get stressed easlily
Looking forward to: Finding out what the gender is!

Ok so whaddaya think....


Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Catch-up

We went to Hattiesburg to visit my Step Sister for her 21st Birthday last Saturday

Then on Sunday we went to church

and the kids swam

On Monday I had to stop and get one of these


Last night I couldn't resist and gave Jordan his Father's Day gift early.

He LOVED it. 

We have also been seeing these ecards pop up on Facebook alot lately, they are stinkin' hilarious!

That's it for now

*I should be taking pictures of my living room tomorrow*

Stay Tuned Next Week...