Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

I replaced the leopard lampshade with this rectangle one I got from Target for $14.99. The leopard one just wasn't doing it for me. So now I have 2 lamps in the room with this shade, I will eventually get 2 matching bases and stick them both on the dresser.

I was going to spray paint these 2 birds white  (from an estate sale) but I just couldn't do it. Not sure why but the bronzy color they are is pretty nice. Who knows maybe later, when I get brave.

I have partially finished the photo gallery wall, I will eventually add more frames but first I need to spray paint the frames. I will probably paint them all white except for the silvery ones, but I haven't decided yet.

Here is the chandelier in my dining room, it will be painted white as well and I will take off the yellow glass thingies that I loathe and replace the existing bulbs with the ones I purchased below....

I loathe the yellow glass things because it gives off this odd color in the dining room and makes everything look bad. Like for instance I was painting a canvas brown and it made it look red.

I will get Jordan to help me with the chandelier tonight :0)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waverly NO SEW Curtains!

So my fabric came in for the other set of windows. This fabric is Sooooo FINE!

The lighting doesn't do it justice....

Here are my supplies.. and then I did my DIY No Sew Curtains!

and my helper :0)

what a cute helper!

Then after I finished one panel I hung it up to admire..

Pictures really don't do it justice..

This is when I was trying to decide which ones to hang in the living room...

The green ones won, so Amy Butler got moved to the dining room

Yea that's my mess from the photo wall on the table

Soooo pretty!!

Photo Wall

Ok so I wanted to get started on my photo wall in the dining room. After starting and gathering pretty much every frame I own around the house, I noticed that about 50% of them do not have wall hangers. Booooo!
I found a picture hanging kit in the laundry room and it had 2 sawtooth hangers in it. So out comes the super glue! I managed to glue one on and of course I was inpatient and it fell off. So I applied more glue and laid my hammer on it overnight and voila! Here is the starter layout... Mallie was there to help of course...

On the wall...

Obviously I need to add more frames but I have some gluing to do!

**Please note I have not leveled any of them and I will be painting some of them **

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mirrors are up!

I got my sick husband to finally put up my mirrors yay!!! Can we say Ballard Designs idea??

Soooo pretty I know!! I LOVE THEM!

and do you see my turquoise table too? I haven't decided what to put on it yet so for now its bare

Round Mirrors - Ballard Design $25! on sale now!
Mirrored framed Mirrors - Target $29.99

If you look through Ballard Design catalogs you'll see that they put mirrors on either side of the fireplace. I actually saw this idea in a BHG magazine then I started noticing it everywhere. So chic!

$25 Sofa table

Yes I was on Craigslist.... and I found a simple sofa table priced for $35, The lady emailed me back after I inquired about it and said she would take $25, uh YES PLEASE ! So I picked it up and it had a horrible brown/red faux rag finish, uh yuck!!! But I already had some turquoise paint ready and waiting...

Here is the before ...

Ewwwwwww I know...

So I got to work quickly because I couldn't stand to look at it any longer!

2 coats is all she took 

a little distress was added to the edges and poof she is looking MUCH better!

I have also been eyeing furniture with nail head trim on it. Sounds like I'll be adding to her some more :0)

Rug is here to stay!

Ok so the rug came in remember?! Well we laid it out and I told Jordan to move the furniture away from the walls. He was skeptical at first then he saw my "vision". I told him it would make it "more conversational" and once he saw it all in place he was all for it and he really liked where I put the dresser as well. Sometimes he just needs to trust me!! ;0)

Isn't it fabulous!! Yes that is a playpen in the back... just keeping it real people.

It just brightens the room doesn't it!?

 Ok I am in love.... with a rug

Ok on a side note: I will be painting the coffee table (prob a light gray? or light gray/blue?)

Dresser is finished!!!!

Yay! I finished the dresser aka "Charlotte" ... yes I named her and yes she looks like a Charlotte....Don't ask why , its just how I roll.. Ok soo here are the finishing touches and the final result!

Drawers that have been distressed

See its just enough to give it some flair...

See the difference? this one below hasn't been distressed yet

Ahhh! The final result! Oh wow she is pretty! Oh Charlotte my pretty!

I replaced only the pulls and kept all original knobs. The pulls are from Target and I got a 6 pack for $9.99, BOOYAH!! haha!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok sorry for the delay in uploading pictures! Between crazy nights with the family then being too exhausted to even deal with it I put it off. Sorry! However I will hopefully be able to do some things tonight, Mallie is staying with Jordan's parents and so that might give me some time to upload some things.

On a side note ... I was browsing Craigslist (uh oh!) and I came across a sofa table for sale for $35! I asked for a picture of it and she is a beauty! such clean lines and I can tell already how she would look with a nice coat of turquoise paint ! Well this morning I got an email from the lady saying she would take $25 just because she wanted to get rid of it! Whoo hoo!! I immediately emailed her back and asked if I could make it to her house within my lunch break (1 hour). Haha !

Anyways Happy Friday !!! Yay! :0)

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Rug came in!

Ok so I have been searching for a new rug for weeks and last Monday I was looking at worldmarket.com and I just happen to look at thier indoor/outdoor rugs and I saw IT.....

Goddess Indoor-Outdoor Rio Mat | World Market

then I saw the price $39.99...*gasps* No way! ...

 then I saw the size ......6x9!!!!!  *squeals of joy came rushing out*

I immediatly called customer service and verified it was indeed 6 feet x 9 feet , bc for that price it must have been a typo!! I then bought it over the phone.

Now you may be wondering why I choose an indoor/outdoor rug instead a "normal" indoor wool type rug. Well if you have a dog that sheds mini dogs each day and 2 kids under the age of 3 then you understand.

Anyways, it came in on Saturday and last night Jordan and I arranged the furniture and layed it out. It looks amazing!!!! I will post pictures of the living room tonight!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Easy Flower Decor

Ok so I got this ceramic container for like $2 bucks at an estate sale and I spray painted it white and put some floral foam in it, added some moss on top (you can hot glue it on or I just used pins), 1 bunch of flowers that I snipped apart with dog nail clippers (couldn't find my wire cutters haha! but get this they worked just as good if not better!!) and poof here it is..

Ceramic pot: $2
White Spray Paint: Free (already owned)
Floral foam: $2
Moss: free (already owned)
Fabric Pins: Free (already owned)
1 Bunch of Flowers: $2 (had a coupon and was on sale)

Total cost : $6
Time: 10 min max

Here is another version I did as well, same technique

I have seen stuff like this in stores for like $30.00 easy. Sooo easy to make!

Artwork I Painted...

"Purple Fields" 2010

"Scarlett Beauty" 2010 (I'm For Sale)

"Chester the Owl" 2011

Dresser progress and halt.. Part 1

Dresser wiped down and sanded...

image 2

Spray Primer....

2 Coats of Valspar Clean White...

I am going to do another coat but I had my accident soo now its just sitting in my living room staring at me... saying "paint me, paint me"

Click here for Part 2

Uh Oh Mommy fell down!

Mallie keeps saying "Mommy fall down, Mommy have boo boo". Yea well I went to the doctor and they did X-rays and I don't have a fracture or broken anything (which is good) but I do have a deep sprain. Boooooo! So I will be laid up for 4 days (just long enough to drive me crazy!!) I am not allowed to walk on it unless absolutely necessary and I have to keep it propped up above my hip. What a "wonderful" gift for Mothers Day.... (Sarcasm is flowing)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dresser, Potty Training and Falling...

Hey peeps! Sorry its been a few days, I have been painting that dresser (pictures are coming) and dealing with a toddler potty training! Mallie does really good when she wears panties, but she doesnt tell us when she has to go #2 and just goes in her panties, yuck! Yea those panties are thrown away...

In other news I fell this morning. You ask what did you trip on Melissa? Well nothing. Yea thats me.... Hi my name is Melissa and I'm a Fall-aholic. My ankle twisted, sprained, gave out... whatever! It hurt then and it hurts now. I'm limping around like a wounded soldier waiting for Jordan to bring me an Ace bandage for it. Anywho... Ill post pictures of the dresser tonight :0)