Wednesday, November 28, 2012

O Christmas Tree

OOOOOHH Christmas Tree , O Christmas Tree... how lovely are your branches....
Ok weird song I know,  but I totally performed some ballet just then back in the day to that song.
Christmas Decor was put up this past weekend and I tell you what every time I come home I get a smile on my face seeing the Christmas tree. I LOVE this time of year.
Both Mallie & Brett were born during the Christmas season and I put my tree up
both times I was 9 months pregnant....
*cough* even while on bed rest with Brett *cough cough*... I am dedicated what can I say ;0)
Has anyone heard Lou Rawls Christmas CD?
 It's one of our classic CD's we listen too every year....
Merry Christmas Bayyy Bayyyy.... Yeaaaahhh! Yes I just broke out into song, HAH
Michael McDonald's is another, but we also like Pandora's Holiday station as well.
.......Baby it's cold outside..... ok I'll stop.... maybe ;0)
Ok enough chit chat and let me show you my Christmas Decor!



I can't believe we have 5 stockings this year!!!

Art I painted awhile back

Above the sink


Above the Kitchen Island

Back Door Wreath, yes I made the bow :0)

I LOVE making wreaths, if anyone wants me to make a bow or wreath for you I surely can!
*I will post the wreath I made for my Mother-in-law as soon as I get a
picture, it's more fancy than this one*
Oh and one last thing.... let's not forget....


  1. I love all the colours on your tree and that tree topper is awesome! Love it!

    1. Thanks Natasha! I love me some bow toppers :0) I usually have more going on up top with the bow (like all kinds of glittery sprays and picks) but it's alot harder to decorate the top of a 9 ft tree when your 8 months pregnant. haha

  2. So pretty and festive. Thanks for sharing at our Home for the Holidays link party!

  3. What a fun tree and decorations you have! Thanks so much for linking up! Love it!

  4. Such a pretty tree! And I love that wreath and your drapes!