Friday, September 23, 2011

My Thoughts for today...

Do you ever feel like you have soo much to share and don't know where to start?? Then you just become so overwhelmed and don't do anything??
That's me right now.

I have so many ideas right now its making my head spin...

At least one good thing is.....its Friday!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marbled Art

                              I just ordered some Marbled Paper that had
                             been previously out of stock! Yippee!

I ordered the Turquoise, Apricot & Raspberry combo

Pirouette Marbled Paper - Turquoise, Apricot & Raspberry

I will probably frame it like this:

Or I can do something groovy like this:


Totally diggin the marble look

Trend to Love: Marble's Moment


Trend to Love: Marble's Moment

Even Marble Bedding is awesome!:

Trend to Love: Marble's Moment

For the crafty people:

And also for anyone who wants to attempt it (like me in the future).
I have researched Marbled Paper Art and this is the best way to do it.

This kit is the best

Boku-Undo Suminagashi Marbling Kit

The shows how they used it

Pretty neat huh??

Are you into the Marble look?

Missoni -house of madness!

If you were like me then you have had September 13th circled and the word "Missoni" written on it for awhile now. Well I met my mother in law up there at 10:00am for a little early birthday shopping. I was in total disbelief when I walked in and saw a bunch of bare shelves and racks. Well thank goodness I decided to hang around 2 women that had 3 buggies FULL of Missoni brand stuff, because when they started going through everything and eliminating everything guess who they handed the stuff to??? MOI! Yay!

Here is what I got

Wellie's (I LOVE that word haha!)

Hero Image
Kids XL dress (I will use it as a tunic- mwahh ha ha haaaa):

Hero Image

This scarf:


Chiffon Sweater:
Hero Image

Now for what my Mother-In law got :

Black sleeveless sweater dress:

Hero Image

This sweater dress :

Hero Image

Mallie got these items:

Adorable shoes:

Hero Image

Sweater Dress
(that I have to take back because it swallows her whole!)

Hero Image

Now here is a list of items that I wanted but they were out :
A La Tote:

(I almost got that clutch but I wanted the tote more)

Silk scarves (the left and bottom one):

Bobby pins (black and white ones)


Candle (turquoise one):


Luggage (that I want but don't need):


This sweater was out in my size :0(

Hero Image


Hero Image

Velour Hoodie:

Hero Image
Bath Towel:

Hero Image

Hero Image

And that is the end to all the Missoni Madness , I checked online to see if I could order any of it ... duh Melissa they are out of EVERYTHING!!!  If you happen to live near a Target and happen to see my cardigan in stock please pick me up a size M - and I will be happy to send you the money for it!

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dining Room Progress

Ok so do you remember how I was going to paint the chandelier orange?
Well Jordan threw a fit, he HATED it.... like with a passion.

So onward to plan B : white

And it looks marvelous!! I love my dining room!
Oh and check out the draperies!

Look I even lined them!

Here is a closer shot of the chandelier

So elegant!

Me so happy!

Next to do in the dining room:
Order Bamboo shades
Find fabric to slip the chairs
Find/create a centerpiece that has a pop of orange..

Hope you enjoyed my dining room!