Friday, August 26, 2011

Dining Room Plan

OK here is my dining room plan:

This fabric for the draperies


I will also change out my white faux wood blinds for something like this:


The Dining room will have this Chandelier :

sprayed with this color

100% Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Orange

It will be Orange with 20 of  these added to it:

I have a table similar to this (seats 6):

with these chairs:

which I would like to slip them in a stripe fabric like this:

nice eh?

oh and remember I have this on the wall :

Ok so thoughts??

Chandelier Ideas

Ok so here is my inspiration photos of rooms that have bold chandeliers












So are you into color Chandeliers like me?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Gallery Wall!

Ok so here is my inspiration photo

I loved the big white mats and tiny black frames!

Here is what I did to recreate it on the low low .. bc if you have ever checked out frames/mats that big then you know its ridiculous!! So I bought poster frames, they are perfect. Small black frame and huge for a 1/4 the price. I even got them 40% off! So a 24x30 poster frame was originally 19.99 - 40% off = $12.00!!

I did the paper technique: Lay the frame face down, take sheets of paper and tape them together to the size of the frame. I also made a mark where the hanger is.

I then taped them on the wall to see what height and spacing I liked best.

looking good

hmmm... the thinner one is actually the front and the thicker black frame is the back... But I just switched it to see which one I liked better....

I like the thicker one best (right one)

All three frames hung... now to find white poster board or paper big enough to fit them

Me likey!!

So I went to Kinkos and the lady actually cut some white paper off the roll for me *shhhhhhh!!!! I am not supposed to tell!!* For FREE!!!

I then simply cut the paper to fit, measured and placed the picture in the center (with a little scotch tape on the back to secure it)

And voila!!!

I love them!!! Total Cost breakdown:
Poster Frames 12.00 x 3 = 36.00
White paper for matting = Free!
Not bad at all!!

Oh and looky what I sold the other day! Something is missing , eh?! ;0)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Recap of what has happened in the last week:

Brett started crawling officially and boy is he fast!! (no more marine crawl), He is already pulling up, standing and cruising also.

Mallie is addicted to Dora (she is aka Dora-head) haha

I moved the Amy Butler curtains that were in my dining room (turquoise with flowers) into Mallies room and wow it looks great! Pictures on the way!

I ordered some Dwell Studio Bella Porta in Twilight today for the dining room whoopie!!

It is going to be fabulous!

Jordan played golf today and shot 3 birdies! Yay for him!

I am feeling like poop right now so I'll post later