Thursday, March 22, 2012


This is what happened at work yesterday...

It was there for like 2 hours, seriously!!

So why do you think it's able to do that?? We heard it was bc of the equinox.

In the works....

I have been a busy bee! And I have much to share but I'm not done yet but here are some sneak peeks !

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New pillows and vases

My new pillows came in from World Market!! Yay I am in love!!!! they bring in so much life to the room!! I also bought 2 vases from IO Metro on clearance!! They might or might not stay that color, Hi my name is Melissa and I belong to Spray painters anonymous.

(iPhone pics taken at night -sorry)

P.S. I do realize the mantle does not have any artwork .... Yet... All I need is a truck and a trip to Lowe's.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is what happens when a 3 year old finds a sharpie....

Casualties include but are not limited too : couch arms, couch pillows, both armchairs,ottoman, coffee table, magazines, silver plate, side table, Brett's face, brett's pacifier, his cup, her cup, his highchair, 5 walls, 2 doorway trims, the counter, and don't forget her new mustache and beard and black hand .... And mama's sanity

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What dreams may come..

Its been awhile and I am sorry. Life just gets crazy and I get lazy. haha I am not sure if I have shared this before but we are currently following the Dave plan. And right now we are at the point where we can start planning for what can happen in the future... like ... mama gets her dream home built!!!!!!

This may not happen for like 5-7 years but that is nothing!!! I have soooooo much work to do people!
 Here are some of my dream homes from My Pinterest


Me want this house!

Beautiful back yard


beautiful house

harrison design. atlanta.

These are just a few from my Dream Homes Board

So when that green light goes off  (hopefully sooner rather than later) 
I want to be ready and get that ball rolling as fast as I can :0)