Monday, July 30, 2012

14 weeks- Lemons become toddlers

Welcome to the 2nd trimester!

But before we talk about lemons please observe what they turn into.....

Cute, sassy and sweet little balls of energy

Ok back to our regular programming...

How far along: 14 weeks (1/3 of the way there!)
Baby Size: Lemon 3 1/2 + inches
Maternity clothes: Only pants and some tops
Sleep: Well if Mallie didn't wake up 10+ times during the night and
crawl into bed then maybe I would get some!
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Swallowing pills, gumbo
Best moment of the week: When Brett says I love you
 Movement: Yes
Food Cravings: Sushi and fruit
Gender: Unknown still...
Symptoms: feeling good just certain things trigger my nausea
Mood: Weepy
Looking forward to: The newborn smell... ahhh :0)
I am hoping my ebay & mini boden stuff arrives this week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

13 weeks- Shrimp and Blubber

Ok so this is just a baby post since what I was going to show y'all hasn't arrived yet :0(

13 weeks

How far along: 13 weeks (the last week of the 1st trimester!!)
Baby Size: Shrimp or a Peach (3+ inches )
Maternity clothes: Only pants
Sleep: I love to sleep
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: swallowing pills, caramelized onions, certain smells, ice cream
Best moment of the week: When I try to explain to Mallie that there is a baby in my belly, she keeps saying there is a baby in her belly too :0)
 Movement: Yes! or it's some strange gas haha ...I feel like there is punch/kick outward sometimes
Food Cravings: Sushi and fruit
Gender: Unknown, and there will be a gender reveal party!
Symptoms: feeling good just certain things trigger my nausea
Mood: Flipper called and wants his blubber back 
 (when will my belly look more like a pregnant belly instead of just a big gut?!?!)
Looking forward to: being home with my babies

Monday, July 16, 2012

12 weeks and an Outlet Mall

So I guess I'll start with the Outlet Mall, Oh yes... Shopping is always my favorite

Apparently they are building the biggest outlet mall in the state in Pearl.
I need to start saving like now, because this mama can do some damage :0)

On Friday Brett had his ENT follow up and the doctor said he was looking great!
( Brett was having tons of nose bleeds)

All last week our church had VBS, and it was awesome!
*Props to Dawn on a great VBS!*

(Our mugshots on the last night via Mojo Photo Booth )
*Donanvan we love our photos!*

Miss Priss

And now for Baby news:

My belly as of this morning...I have noticed that it seems to get bigger as the day goes on.... weird

12 weeks

How far along: 12 weeks
Baby Size: Lime
Maternity clothes: Yes
Sleep: Tired but Thank the Lord for my Spark it has been my saving grace!
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: swallowing my pills
Best moment of the week: Realizing that I'm feeling more like myself
 Movement: Is that gas or a baby?
Food Cravings: Fruit
Gender: Unknown, should I have a gender reveal party?
Symptoms: Sickness usually hits me after dinner
Mood: It can be all over the place
Looking forward to: knowing the gender so I can go shopping :0)

If you want to some Spark aka awesome energy, here is my site.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11 weeks!

11 weeks and counting!

I just had my checkup this morning and baby looks great! The heart rate is 178.... so you know what that means..... it must be a GIRL!

 Or at least that's what the old wives tales say, and honestly I found it to be true with my first two.
Mallie's heart rate was in the 170's and Brett's was in the 140's

Here is me and my baby bump...

 Kathy and I love to have fashion shows at work :0)

Ok so I thought I would share some self portraits since I hardly ever take pictures of myself.

I have a little pregnancy glow starting to show I think......

 uhhhh well that could be my camera app enhancing it :0)

And for those that keep up:

How far along: 11 weeks
Baby Size: Fig
Maternity clothes: Yes
Sleep: Let see I have around 3 potty breaks throughout the night, so I take long naps
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Brett's poo poo diapers & all gum except Juicy Fruit
Best moment of the week: Finding out my new insurance pays 100% Maternity Benefits, free baby? Movement: Nothing yet
Food Cravings: Peaches and fruit in general
Gender: Unknown but I feel like it could be a girl
Symptoms: Sickness usually hits me after dinner
Mood: I cried during a funny show
Looking forward to: Feeling good all day

Keep it real peeps

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tidbits and Kumquats

So I hope everyone has a fun 4th of July!

Here is a recap of my week via iPhone

Yes I have to wear a mask when I file at work... or I could succumb to dust cancer... so I pick mask.

I bought Mallie some new shades from Tarjay no less... And she is adorable I must say :0)

I was debating on this top, but for $78 dollars... I don't think so.
Am I the only one who immediately gravitates towards the non-sale items?
 I seriously always find the most expensive/non-sale/coupon doesn't apply too stuff.

Sooooo frustrating!!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has got to be the most ridiculous movie EVER.
Don't you touch my Edward yo! 

Look at that belly!

10 weeks!

It's the size of a Kumquat! What in the heck is a Kumquat?
Where do they come up with this stuff, I mean seriously they couldn't find something
more normal around that size?!? Like I dunno maybe a walnut?
If you are an avid Kumquat eater then kudos to you.

How far along: 10 weeks
Baby Size: Kumquat
Maternity clothes: Yes but some are a little to large still
Sleep: I sleep like a baby
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Brett's poo poo diapers (Jordan is in charge of those)
Best moment of the week: Remembering that maternity clothes are so comfortable, ahhh :0)
Movement: Maybe a flutter? 
Food Cravings: Sushi & Watermelon
Gender: Unknown
Symptoms: Sickness has eased up, thankfully!
Mood: I cried over chips on Saturday (we didn't have any)
Looking forward to: Finding out what the gender is!