Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Gallery Wall!

Ok so here is my inspiration photo

I loved the big white mats and tiny black frames!

Here is what I did to recreate it on the low low .. bc if you have ever checked out frames/mats that big then you know its ridiculous!! So I bought poster frames, they are perfect. Small black frame and huge for a 1/4 the price. I even got them 40% off! So a 24x30 poster frame was originally 19.99 - 40% off = $12.00!!

I did the paper technique: Lay the frame face down, take sheets of paper and tape them together to the size of the frame. I also made a mark where the hanger is.

I then taped them on the wall to see what height and spacing I liked best.

looking good

hmmm... the thinner one is actually the front and the thicker black frame is the back... But I just switched it to see which one I liked better....

I like the thicker one best (right one)

All three frames hung... now to find white poster board or paper big enough to fit them

Me likey!!

So I went to Kinkos and the lady actually cut some white paper off the roll for me *shhhhhhh!!!! I am not supposed to tell!!* For FREE!!!

I then simply cut the paper to fit, measured and placed the picture in the center (with a little scotch tape on the back to secure it)

And voila!!!

I love them!!! Total Cost breakdown:
Poster Frames 12.00 x 3 = 36.00
White paper for matting = Free!
Not bad at all!!

Oh and looky what I sold the other day! Something is missing , eh?! ;0)

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