Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Sir Mix-A-Lot

This is how my Friday started... 

My flat tire ;0)

Yes this is the third time it has done this. 
Super glue does NOT work, tips anyone??

lamps I spotted this week

White Owl Lamp-TJ Maxx   $29.99
2 Owls lamp-Kirklands  $19.99!!

Bamboo Folding Chairs-Stein Mart  

Lion Statue and Crane Art  - Interior Spaces- Jackson, MS
I'll take both thank you very much!

Necklace- Francesca's Ridgeland, MS
Frames- Charming Charlie
Obsessed with everything green? check!

I want this chair like REALLLLLLY bad!!! 
Someone please buy me this chair!! or 6 ..  ;0)

Macau Armchair

My new mirror I got for FREE!!!!! 
(temporary location for now)


And this is how my Friday ended...

What a cutie!!! I love my little man


peace out

(all iPhone pics)

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