Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni -house of madness!

If you were like me then you have had September 13th circled and the word "Missoni" written on it for awhile now. Well I met my mother in law up there at 10:00am for a little early birthday shopping. I was in total disbelief when I walked in and saw a bunch of bare shelves and racks. Well thank goodness I decided to hang around 2 women that had 3 buggies FULL of Missoni brand stuff, because when they started going through everything and eliminating everything guess who they handed the stuff to??? MOI! Yay!

Here is what I got

Wellie's (I LOVE that word haha!)

Hero Image
Kids XL dress (I will use it as a tunic- mwahh ha ha haaaa):

Hero Image

This scarf:


Chiffon Sweater:
Hero Image

Now for what my Mother-In law got :

Black sleeveless sweater dress:

Hero Image

This sweater dress :

Hero Image

Mallie got these items:

Adorable shoes:

Hero Image

Sweater Dress
(that I have to take back because it swallows her whole!)

Hero Image

Now here is a list of items that I wanted but they were out :
A La Tote:

(I almost got that clutch but I wanted the tote more)

Silk scarves (the left and bottom one):

Bobby pins (black and white ones)


Candle (turquoise one):


Luggage (that I want but don't need):


This sweater was out in my size :0(

Hero Image


Hero Image

Velour Hoodie:

Hero Image
Bath Towel:

Hero Image

Hero Image

And that is the end to all the Missoni Madness , I checked online to see if I could order any of it ... duh Melissa they are out of EVERYTHING!!!  If you happen to live near a Target and happen to see my cardigan in stock please pick me up a size M - and I will be happy to send you the money for it!

Happy Wednesday!

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