Monday, December 19, 2011

Vitamins and Christmas

Ok so I know those are the most random things to talk about but that's how I roll :0)


Well I was a dummy this morning and took my vitamin on an empty stomach. Not only did I choke trying to swallow that massive thing, but I got sick in my driveway about 10 min after I took it.... Ugh....
Always remember to eat BEFORE you take those things!!

60195 - Alive!® Women's Energy


Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year!! I love everything about it! I like shopping in the crazy crowds *gasp*.  I even tried to offer my services to friends and Christmas shop for them!
Yes I am crazy, but I am just being honest people!
 I wish my Christmas tree could stay up all year :0(

Love the white stars!
Tree in living room

White trees are coming back people!

white topiary with silver balls
Colorful like my tree!
Which I just realized I have neglected to show ya'll! EEEEK! 
Booo Melissa! Ok I will post them before Christmas, I promise!

Colorful Christmas Tree

Ice Skating anyone?
tree with mittens and ice skates
Starfish..... wow...
green flowers and starfish christmas tree
This snow covered tree doesn't look kid proof!
snowy tree
Mmmm orange and turquoise!
Small and Mighty
Shelf Space
Im loving this gold star topper!
Gold and silver decorations sparkle in cream colored holiday living room
And one tacky tree of course!
Santa-Inspired Christmas Tree
Oh and what do you think of these trees???
No I did not flip the picture....

Yes That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen....

7.5' Pre-Lit Austin Upside Down Christmas Tree

I just dont get it.......

If you have one please explain to me WHY!?


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