Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painting Extravaganza

Monday was a holiday as you know, well the kids daycare was open so of course the light bulb goes off....Ding! I can paint their rooms! If I would have known how my body would have ached 2 days after.... I probably would have only done 1 room.... well maybe... I dunno.... I can't decide. So at 8:30am my friend arrives to help me paint the rooms. (She willingly and knowingly knew what was in store) The rooms needed 2 coats on the walls and 2 coats on the trim > oil based trim >>so we had to use oil based primer (Kilz Odorless).  We took 1 hour for lunch and we finished the rooms at 4:45pm, just enough time for me to hop in the shower and go pick up the kids from daycare. No. Rest. At. All. I am exhausted thinking about it again! Anywho we painted both rooms the Benjamin Moore, Bunny Gray (color matched at Lowes in the Olympic No VOC). Now I am currently trying to decorate the rooms.

Mallie's Room

   I ordered Mallie's duvet

I bought these plates

Bird Melamine Plate Set

West Elm

I have this print

Color Migration Cream

Color Migration Cream By Nancy Ramirez

I also have this mirror


I will be ordering Faux Silk Tiffany Blue Fabric from
for her curtains.

and of course showing pictures soon!

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