Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mallie's Bedroom Reveal!

Ok here is the Before-Before (When it was Brett's Nursery)


This takes huge guts to admit it was a total FAIL. 
I was having a really hard time trying to decorate for a boy. (This was pre-Pinterest)

I was attempting the aqua and orange theme, but the aqua was too bright and
 set the bad mood for the room. I never finished the room because I hated pretty much everything.
 It's not even worth explaining... 

I made two of these mobiles, which I still think are awesome but they hit a sour note in that room.

Here is the Before after Mallie moved into the room. 
iPhone pics

Just too many vibrant colors, made it tacky. Ugh Fail #2!!! 

Now what you have been waiting for.... The pretty pictures!!

Mallie's Bedroom Reveal!

As you can see my photography skills improved as well. :0) 
I am completely smitten with her room! 

I will add her room to the Home Tour and list sources. 
Hope you enjoyed.



  1. What a beautiful little girl room. I adore all the little details :) You're so talented!