Wednesday, May 16, 2012


How do you go from doing Zumba to being curled in the bed within 24 hours??

BP (low for me)90/60 - I have always had 120/80

Hot Flashes
Body Aches
Flushed cheeks/ skin
Burning Eyes
Swollen Right Gland
Hurts to Swallow

Doctor thinks its either Mono or Pharyngitis... Uhhh seriously Mono?? That was my first thought, but as I lie here with all the symptoms rushing over me , I believe it.

So I'm in the bed trying to let the antibiotic shot I was given work.

Why am I not sleeping right now you ask? Maybe because I can't when my body is on fire.

Why am I blogging you ask?? Well I am confined to our bedroom with no TV soo my iPhone will be my trusty companion during this time.

I'm finally starting to get hungry ... Is it ok to eat with a fever?


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