Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok sorry for the delay in uploading pictures! Between crazy nights with the family then being too exhausted to even deal with it I put it off. Sorry! However I will hopefully be able to do some things tonight, Mallie is staying with Jordan's parents and so that might give me some time to upload some things.

On a side note ... I was browsing Craigslist (uh oh!) and I came across a sofa table for sale for $35! I asked for a picture of it and she is a beauty! such clean lines and I can tell already how she would look with a nice coat of turquoise paint ! Well this morning I got an email from the lady saying she would take $25 just because she wanted to get rid of it! Whoo hoo!! I immediately emailed her back and asked if I could make it to her house within my lunch break (1 hour). Haha !

Anyways Happy Friday !!! Yay! :0)

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