Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

I replaced the leopard lampshade with this rectangle one I got from Target for $14.99. The leopard one just wasn't doing it for me. So now I have 2 lamps in the room with this shade, I will eventually get 2 matching bases and stick them both on the dresser.

I was going to spray paint these 2 birds white  (from an estate sale) but I just couldn't do it. Not sure why but the bronzy color they are is pretty nice. Who knows maybe later, when I get brave.

I have partially finished the photo gallery wall, I will eventually add more frames but first I need to spray paint the frames. I will probably paint them all white except for the silvery ones, but I haven't decided yet.

Here is the chandelier in my dining room, it will be painted white as well and I will take off the yellow glass thingies that I loathe and replace the existing bulbs with the ones I purchased below....

I loathe the yellow glass things because it gives off this odd color in the dining room and makes everything look bad. Like for instance I was painting a canvas brown and it made it look red.

I will get Jordan to help me with the chandelier tonight :0)

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