Monday, May 16, 2011

New Rug came in!

Ok so I have been searching for a new rug for weeks and last Monday I was looking at and I just happen to look at thier indoor/outdoor rugs and I saw IT.....

Goddess Indoor-Outdoor Rio Mat | World Market

then I saw the price $39.99...*gasps* No way! ...

 then I saw the size ......6x9!!!!!  *squeals of joy came rushing out*

I immediatly called customer service and verified it was indeed 6 feet x 9 feet , bc for that price it must have been a typo!! I then bought it over the phone.

Now you may be wondering why I choose an indoor/outdoor rug instead a "normal" indoor wool type rug. Well if you have a dog that sheds mini dogs each day and 2 kids under the age of 3 then you understand.

Anyways, it came in on Saturday and last night Jordan and I arranged the furniture and layed it out. It looks amazing!!!! I will post pictures of the living room tonight!

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