Friday, May 6, 2011

Easy Flower Decor

Ok so I got this ceramic container for like $2 bucks at an estate sale and I spray painted it white and put some floral foam in it, added some moss on top (you can hot glue it on or I just used pins), 1 bunch of flowers that I snipped apart with dog nail clippers (couldn't find my wire cutters haha! but get this they worked just as good if not better!!) and poof here it is..

Ceramic pot: $2
White Spray Paint: Free (already owned)
Floral foam: $2
Moss: free (already owned)
Fabric Pins: Free (already owned)
1 Bunch of Flowers: $2 (had a coupon and was on sale)

Total cost : $6
Time: 10 min max

Here is another version I did as well, same technique

I have seen stuff like this in stores for like $30.00 easy. Sooo easy to make!

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