Monday, November 28, 2011

Copy Cat Master Bedroom

Remember the inspiration room?

And here is my room , (still in progress)

Let's compare prices so far:

Her beautiful room:

Paint, Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed
White Pin tuck Duvet, West Elm $99
Brown Coverlet (unknown)
Rug (unknown)
Crystal Lamps, local lighting store (unknown)
Devon Mirror, Z Gallerie $199
Headboard, she DIY'ed

My knock off room so far:

 Paint, Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed (LOVE)
DIY white pin tuck duvet $20 and 3 hours
Brown plush blanket, Kroger $17.99 Holla!
Sisal Rug, 8x10 $159.50
Acrylic Stacked Ball Lamps, Target $34.99
Devon Mirror, $180 + free shipp
Headboard, I DIY'ed here

I love having a "bench" at the foot of my bed but it is technically an ottoman.
 I could re-cover the ottoman or replace it with something skinnier and re-cover it??
 hmmm still trying to decide....

I still have a lot of work ahead
(decor, pillows, art, photos)
but it is definitely getting there :0)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

~Be Blessed~

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  1. Beatiful, it's looking great. I'm working on a pin tuck duvet project currently too:). love the inspiration room!