Monday, January 7, 2013

37 weeks and a Major Let-down

 I started having contractions 6 min. apart at work, so I hurried home thinking "this is it!!"
This lasted for around 4 hours...
But they eventually died out around 8:00pm, boooo!
 We waited around all day and NOTHING happened
 (Morning) I had the sudden urge to tidy/clean the house and yes I was even scrubbing toilets.
 (Lunch) My family came up to visit so we went to eat lunch and then came back to the house
 for the kids to nap.
(Afternoon) We then went to the Mall and walked around for a couple of hours. After we parted ways Jordan and I took the kids to the grocery store. The kids were fighting and screaming Aisles 1-30, it was exhausting to say the least.
(Evening) When we returned to the house I noticed I was having some contractions. As the food was cooking I started timing them and low and behold I was 5 min apart!! So we put our family on alert
2 hours worth of 5 min apart contractions and as I was about to call the doctor..... they died out.
This is seriously getting annoying!!!!!
So here I am..... Monday morning at work....... still pregnacious... at 37 weeks.

     FRIDAY                                                               SUNDAY

That app is awesome btw, I think it's called Full Term.
 But you can just search for a contraction timer app.


How far along: 37 weeks! Full Term Yo!
Baby Size: Lofty as a stalk of Swiss Chard- 19 inches and 6 1/2 lbs
Maternity clothes: Yes
Sleep: Not. good. at. all.
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Fried food
Best moment of the week: Contractions 5 min apart last night
Movement: Yes
Food Cravings: Eating in general is always good
 Gender: BOY
Symptoms: Pressure, Pain, Back ache, Contractions, and my feet hurt
Mood: Annoyed with all the teasing labor I had this weekend
Looking forward to: Seeing my stubborn baby boy!

I have a scheduled appointment in the morning to see the doctor and we will see what he says.
 But if something happens in between then I'll let ya'll know.
xo Melissa


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