Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Framing with Acrylic

My Art arrived as you know, well I wanted to frame it like Laurel Dawn does in her home like so.
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Are you drooling yet? ;0)
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So I went to Lowe's and bought 1 sheet of Acrylic in the 36 x 72 size.
Lowes can cut your acrylic there, but apparently the genius who designed the glass cutter didn't make it large enough to cut the largest piece they sell.  Seriously!??!
So I asked my friend's hubby to help me.
He had to score the acrylic sheet with a box cutter then snap it in half.
He then slowly drilled 8- 5/16 holes into it, with some wood behind it to keep it from cracking.

This is when I brought it home and removed the plastic covering and cleaned it.

Looking good!

Here is a closeup of the brass bolts I used, they are 1/4" in size.
*on a side note he even cut off some of the length off of the bolts*

Mama Mia!! I am in LOOOUURVEE!

Jordan was even smitten :0)


Problem #1
I tried to use 50lb fishing line to hold it up (and bc it's invisible) but it broke.
At one point of Jordan trying to put it up there he sliced his finger, booo!
So I used picture hanging wire and was relieved you really can't see it.
Problem #2
Hanging on the wall, the acrylic bows out. What in the world does she do to hang it on the wall!?!
If you look at hers, it's flush against the wall. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??!

Ok it's really bothering me that it's bowing out.... but I am still loving my art
please disregard the mantle styling.... I just threw some stuff up there. 

Tips? Help anyone!??!
For those interested in ordering some of Laurel Dawn's art please check out her site
xo Melissa

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