Monday, July 30, 2012

14 weeks- Lemons become toddlers

Welcome to the 2nd trimester!

But before we talk about lemons please observe what they turn into.....

Cute, sassy and sweet little balls of energy

Ok back to our regular programming...

How far along: 14 weeks (1/3 of the way there!)
Baby Size: Lemon 3 1/2 + inches
Maternity clothes: Only pants and some tops
Sleep: Well if Mallie didn't wake up 10+ times during the night and
crawl into bed then maybe I would get some!
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Swallowing pills, gumbo
Best moment of the week: When Brett says I love you
 Movement: Yes
Food Cravings: Sushi and fruit
Gender: Unknown still...
Symptoms: feeling good just certain things trigger my nausea
Mood: Weepy
Looking forward to: The newborn smell... ahhh :0)
I am hoping my ebay & mini boden stuff arrives this week!

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