Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tidbits and Kumquats

So I hope everyone has a fun 4th of July!

Here is a recap of my week via iPhone

Yes I have to wear a mask when I file at work... or I could succumb to dust cancer... so I pick mask.

I bought Mallie some new shades from Tarjay no less... And she is adorable I must say :0)

I was debating on this top, but for $78 dollars... I don't think so.
Am I the only one who immediately gravitates towards the non-sale items?
 I seriously always find the most expensive/non-sale/coupon doesn't apply too stuff.

Sooooo frustrating!!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has got to be the most ridiculous movie EVER.
Don't you touch my Edward yo! 

Look at that belly!

10 weeks!

It's the size of a Kumquat! What in the heck is a Kumquat?
Where do they come up with this stuff, I mean seriously they couldn't find something
more normal around that size?!? Like I dunno maybe a walnut?
If you are an avid Kumquat eater then kudos to you.

How far along: 10 weeks
Baby Size: Kumquat
Maternity clothes: Yes but some are a little to large still
Sleep: I sleep like a baby
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Brett's poo poo diapers (Jordan is in charge of those)
Best moment of the week: Remembering that maternity clothes are so comfortable, ahhh :0)
Movement: Maybe a flutter? 
Food Cravings: Sushi & Watermelon
Gender: Unknown
Symptoms: Sickness has eased up, thankfully!
Mood: I cried over chips on Saturday (we didn't have any)
Looking forward to: Finding out what the gender is!

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