Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Top Five

Mini Boden
Fun Cardigan
I saw this sweater and I just about died, So I called Mallie's granddaddy ;0) and it will be
arriving in a couple weeks. It is going to be adorable on her! I will be having the kids pictures made this fall and she will be wearing this. (Oh and here is coupon code)

All things Fall... *Sigh*

File:Hapgood Pond - Flickr - USDAgov.jpg


 Am I the only one yearning for fall?? Cool weather, Soups, Boots, Pumpkin flavored anything and etc!
I loathe Summer... and why do I live in one of the hottest states you ask?? I have no idea.


Stripes and Plaid on Boys
Barkside AcademyPlaid Shirt

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E .... that is obviously not Brett btw.
But I promise Brett looks sooooo cute in stripes and plaid. See Below


JCrew & Etsy Jewelry
Flower lattice necklace
Cabochon fan necklace

Handpainted Neon Rhinestone Necklace

Bubble Necklace, Turquoise Color Necklace, Light Blue Necklace,Statement Necklace (FN0508-Light Blue)

Just had to add the JCrew knockoff necklace :0)
I did find it on Etsy for $18 if your not kosher dill pickle with ebay.
(I am still waiting for mine to arrive, boooo! It's been like a month now!)

*update* I received them!! Will show pics soon!!


May Books

May Books Inside <li>PagesMay Books Inside <li>Pages
May Books Inside <li>PagesMay Books Inside <li>Pages

Personalized Day Planners, Meal Planners, Bump Diary, Baby Diary....
Customized Heaven!! Look at my pretty monogram too :0)
I will be ordering five one soon! (Google May Books coupon codes for a discount)

Happy Thursday!!



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