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Top Baby Products Part 2

Continuing the series:



Boppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover

The Boppy
I used it alot and loved it. The only thing is sometimes I had to prop a pillow under the side I was breastfeeding on for a little more support (only when the baby is small). When Jordan fed the babies he didn't have to use extra pillows. Get The Boppy with 1-2 extra slipcovers. I have the exact one above.
I did try the competitor (see below) My Brest Friend but here are my dislikes about it: It's about $20 more, it wraps around your whole body and velcros , it startles the baby by trying to remove it (via 12 inch velcro strip), and honestly I hate that it wraps around my back. However the one thing it did do was prop up the baby better. But I would rather just use an extra pillow and the Boppy and have the ability to slide it away with ease. Just my opinion, yo. Me + Velcro = Ugly Death Match


Breastfeeding Products

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
I tried a few brands but I loved these the best. Oh and they are cheaper at Target too :0)
I am a big time supporter of breastfeeding, so if you have any questions I would be happy to help.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

Medela Pump In Style
This is the best pump to buy, it runs around $250-270 but ends up being worth it and will last you several kids. Go ahead and get these extra and larger storage bottles for when your supply is greater.
Medela Breastmilk Collection and Storage Bottles 8oz (250ml) - 2 Each

If you want to rent a pump I suggest checking out your local Breastfeeding clinic.
Here is the one I used Mississippi Breastfeeding Clinic.
They are wonderful! If you are having any trouble or have any questions they will help you!
You can buy replacement pieces/parts for your pump there as well.
*Renting from the Hospital is more expensive I think*

Medela Pump & Save Bags
You can get these if you get the Medela Pump, then you can just pump right into bags (more efficient). But I actually pumped into the storage bottles that it came with it and then poured the milk into some
 Lansinoh Bags. (Because they are cheaper, but it might be better in the long run to get the matching bags)



Click to view large image

Baby Trend Flex Loc Carseat
This is almost identical to the one we bought in 2008. We loved the triangle handle and it was very easy to operate and clean. The newer versions carry up to 30lbs 30inches (which is really good btw). When looking for a an infant carseat there a few things to think about bc there are ALOT of options now.
1. Infant carseat or convertible carseat??
With an infant carseat you can easily move the child without unbuckling/waking them up. Just pull the handle forward and release the seat from the base and off you go = Easy
Convertible carseats are not able to do this, you have to strap/unstrap the child every time.
So if they are sleeping, good luck!
2. Do pounds & inches really matter??
Yes! Look for a carseat that will accommodate a taller child. See The Baby Trend Carseat above now seats children up to 30lbs/30in, which is fantastic! The one I had (and sold) only went up to 22lbs/20in so they both outgrew them right before the year mark. From my understanding babies tend to hit the length mark faster than the weight mark. So all in all the higher the weight & length the carseat allows the better. The Graco Snugride 35 accommodates up to 35lbs/32in < really good :0)
With a convertible carseat they accommodate children up to like 100 pounds, hence the convertible carseat :0)
3. What brand is best?
Well usually all carseats are now required to have a 5 point harness, EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior impact protection, Head support (which I use something different when they are itty bitty), and a Latch system.

Top 3 Brands (Infant Carseats)
(like I know people who have them and love them)
Britax > Rated the top every time but is pricey
Graco> Has great ratings especially for the Snugride & Snugride 35
Baby Trend > I've used it you know I like it

Top 3 Brands (Convertible Carseats)
Britax Marathon 70 > Once again- rated #1 but is pricey $$$/bulky
Graco My Ride 65 > Rated #2 mid- range $$-$$$ /bulky
Cosco Scenera > It is less $$ but I think it is just as good but not as bulky :0)

So in the end this is what I did:
Mallie: infant carseat until age 1, then convertible carseat, now a Cosco Booster seat
*Loved, Hated (too bulky/wobbly), Love*
Brett: infant carseat until age 1, now Cosco Booster seat
*Loved, Love*

I went straight to the Cosco Booster seat bc it allows for children who are 1 year and 22lbs to forward face. Bingo! So Brett went straight from his infant carseat to the high back booster seat.

Now with all of this hooplah about you can't forward face until 2 years old has me confused. :0/
I will most likely still buy an infant carseat for this one to start in.



Click to view large image
This is ideal if: This is your first child and you have the Baby Trend Carseat. (There are also universal ones that can supposedly attach to any brand) This thing is awesome, you just take the infant carseat out of the car and it snaps right on there. It's lightweight, slender, manuvers easliy, great bottom storage, 2 cup holders, and a small covered compartment. We loved this thing, but unfortunantly with having 3 kids I am going to need a double stroller.
If I buy another Baby Trend Carseat then I will probably get one of the Double Strollers that will allow me to attach it to it.
Click to view large image
However not everyone needs a Double Stroller like me so this is what I did with both kids:
Carseat attached to Snap N Go Frame, and had a lightweight stroller.
Similar to this, something that wasn't bulky like these. It was nice just having a lightweight stroller.
The only thing I wish it did have was a cup holder, but I think you can buy cup holder attachments for strollers. I have heard the bulky strollers are a pain as well.
Also one thing to look for in a stroller is a reclining feature, If you want to put an infant in a stroller then you need it. And also when the kids pass out you can recline it back so they sleep better too.
If you have a tall husband like me, best to take them to the store and try out the strollers with you.
 Jordan complained the handles were too low on the lightweight stroller.  :0/

Baby Carriers
To Wrap or To Strap
That is the question
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - UV Sand - Moby Wrap  - Babies"R"UsBabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original - Black, Classic - BabyBjorn  - Babies"R"Us
I had the evil strap on kind, I registered for it and used it twice and hated it. Thankfully I only registered for the $30 one. It hurt my shoulders so bad :0(
I have heard that the ERGObaby one is good but I just can't see how the straps are any different
and it's pricey. ($100 and up)
So now I am leaning towards The Moby Wrap

Large Wrap Image

I have heard from several mommies that it's comfortable and the babies love it.
*It's around $30! Score!*



L.O.V.E. this. Buy it! you will not be sorry!



We were fortunate to have my cousin lend us her Graco Swing. Which I loved and both babies loved. I wouldn't spend over $100 on one though and just get a basic one that swings normal.
The one's that do weird swinging motions aren't worth the extra money.
So like this one above has good features that I used repeatedly : music, vibrating seat, mobile and speed options. If you search online you can usually find swings for better prices than Babies R Us.
However Babies R Us can sometimes give/send you 20% off coupons.

If you have a swing you really don't need a Bouncer.

Unless someone just give you one or you get one for cheap, I didn't use mine.



This is what both kids slept in next to my bed for several months. Since I was breastfeeding, Brett would wake up in the night and I would just lean over pick him up, feed him, swaddle and put him back.
Easy Peasy, I mean am I the only one who hates getting up in the middle of the night?
Why not make it as simple as possible, right?! My feet didn't even have to touch the floor, my bootsies were warm and cozy. :0) I liked having the little vibrate & light option on mine (I used it alot obviously)
The one pictured above is $69, which is really good. I would suggest something simple like this one.



My friend loved the Puj Tub (when they are still small) but at $44 to which they outgrow fairly quickly, I dunno if I am willing to invest in that.

I have had many woes with bathtubs:
Foldaway Tub > Loathed
Bath Sling > ok until they can roll over
Newborn to Toddler Tub > Not crazy about it

I have heard the Whale of a Tub is a mom favorite and at least it grows with them.


Perfect for the first few weeks. I love the wetness indicator for in the beginning. Then just go to the regular Pampers. I wouldn't buy too many Newborn sizes, babies are in Size 1 and 2 alot longer. Mallie only wore Pampers and they fit her great.
*Pampers are cheaper at Walmart usually*

Best Diaper for Best Price. These are the only diapers Brett wears and I love them.
 He hasn't leaked at all from these.
*Best price for Luvs is at Target*

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

Best purchase ever! Love this thing! Buy it now!

Ok so I hoped you enjoyed Part 2 of Top Baby Products
Hopefully this information has helped some new moms/moms to be or grandmas.

Happy Friday!


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