Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Baby Products

First- I am doing much better today, thanks for the well wishes :0)

Ok since this is baby #3 for me, these are top things that have been my life saver.
Don't worry people I am an expert here. ;0)

Top Baby Essentials


This Glow Seahorse is amazing and a lifesaver! I have like 3 floating around the house. When both Mallie & Brett were born I would feed them right before 8:00pm and then swaddle, stick them in their bassinet/crib,  turn this sucker on and off to sleep they went. But seriously people, it helped them both recognize that once I turned this on it was bedtime. Totally worth it to buy two.


These swaddle blankets are amazing! I love them and yes they are pricey $30ish bucks
but worth every penny. I will be buying another pack soon. I suggest 2 packs if you are a firm believer in swaddling, which I think everyone should be. Jesus was swaddled and He saved the world.....
 I'm just saying people.... swaddling is awesome!!
 If you don't know how, I will happy to come over and show you :0) or just watch
this DVD. Which is actually one of my top products I recommend anyways.
The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer


Graco Pack 'n Play Playard - Pasadena.Opens in a new window
The infamous Pack 'n Play. is worth every penny I'm telling you. I personally didn't use the detachable changing station thing, bc there is already an open space when it's raised. We still use it sometimes, and it is actually getting worn out from the abuse amount of use we have put into it from the past 2 kids.


These Gerber cloth diapers make THE BEST burp cloths E.V.E.R. You can get them monogrammed and I actually applied a ribbon trim to them (which is adorable btw). Get like 2-3 packs and you wont be sorry.


I have used these with both kids and have loved them. Not only are they adorable but some glow (great for finding in the dark with a screaming baby) and are highly recommend by doctors. I have heard that the Nuk pacifiers can cause teeth problems, etc. and these do not. I am not a fan of the clip that comes with them, instead I just ordered a few clips from So cute!

Pacifier Clip Set for Boy or Girl - Choose Any Three Soothie Paci Clips- Over 75 choices - Gumdrop Mam Nuk Avent

*just make sure they have the little ribbon loop at the end and it will work for the MAM Pacifiers*



 First choice

Tommee Tippee bottles are awesome. Brett didn't have any gas issues with them and they are made for breastfeeding babies. (Great for transitioning back and forth) I highly recommend these.

Second choice


If you can find the MAM Bottles then they are a great 2nd choice. I used them with Mallie and loved them. Just make sure the bottom pieces of the bottle are positioned/screwed on correctly and it works great. Mallie didn't have any gas issues with these either.


Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bag - Bulk Singles - 100 count
Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

These are amazing when you need clean anything in a flash :0)


Circo® Newborn 2 Pack Sleep N' Play - AssortedCirco® Newborn Girls' 2 Pack Assorted Sleep N' Play - Pink

Circo Sleep N' Play 
 Zippered kind ONLY are the best, snaps are ridiculous and whoever thought of putting 100 snaps on a baby's outfit apparently didn't have any kids. Get tons of these, seriously... I love them. Especially for the middle of the night diaper changes. I prefer Circo brand (Target) but I think Gerber (Walmart)
has some too.

Circo is so soft :0)


Custom Nursing Cover

Nursing Covers
I bought mine off of Etsy and it was awesome.
 I picked out my fabric and it ended up being cheaper than the ones in the store.


Waterproof BEST SELLER Diaper bag/Messenger bag STOCKHOLM Navy blue and white nautical striped - Martha Stewart , Baby talk magazine

Custom Diaper Bags on Etsy

I remember searching forever for diaper bags, and I didn't like any of the ones I found in boutiques/stores. So I looked on Etsy and low and behold, you can get diapers bags custom made to your specifications and your fabric choice for the same price of the fancy schmancy ones in the stores.

Amy Butler Grand Tapestry Messenger Diaper Bag

Design Your Own Large Diaper Bag Set with Free Monogramming Includes Binky Bag

Custom Made Large Diaper bag Made of Chevron Fabric / You Pick Colors

Handbag Made of Chevron  Fabric and Light Pink Bow

This is the one I ordered for Brett and customized
(added a zipper close and changed the lining to a black & white hounds tooth instead).

Carry all diaper bag for stylish momma's. We have a lot  of fabrics to choose from for your completely custom order.Comes with easy clean laminated cotton inside.

I get so many compliments on it :0) oh and I love that the inside is laminated and it has a million pockets.
Unfortunately she no longer sells on Etsy anymore, so my guitar diaper bag is not available

Ok that's it I hope you enjoyed my "professional" opinion on the most needed products for a baby.


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