Monday, September 24, 2012

Orange Beach


We woke up and this was our view

Grandma Libbie surprised us by coming!

Waiting for breakfast by chef Tony

Heading to the Beach!

Both kids LOVED playing in the sand

I don't think they have ever been this content/quiet while playing ..... ever

Me and the hubbs

After all that work to get out to the beach, Brett only lasted maybe 2-3 hours before he got really
tuckered out/cranky. Jordan and I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to go again.

 (It literally took an army and boat load of stuff to even get out to the beach then to turn around and pack it back up and try to rinse them off.... I probably burned 5,000 calories)

That evening when the kids went to bed, Jordan tried out the indoor heated swimming pool

He said he slept like a baby after swimming in it

Breakfast snack and Mimi's birthday!

What better way to celebrate Mimi's birthday than with a Shopping day!

Both kids did extremely well considering how long we were there for.

Both of them fell asleep like this, but I only got Brett's picture

They played on the playground then daddy treated them to a carousel ride!

They both loved it

Best Outlet Mall seriously

Unfortunately , shortly after we left and were heading back to the condo, Mallie threw up in the car.
Fun times

Little man woke up early (6am) so it was just me and him enjoying the sunrise :0)

Mallie went back to the beach with her grandparents.
 Jordan, Brett and I went back to the outlet mall.

Brett chillin next to this groovy car :0)

We headed back home at 3pm.

We ate at the condo (thanks to chef Tony) the whole time and just relaxed for the most part.

Jordan posted on FB
"Vacation with kids is not vacation...
It's stress in a peaceful looking environment."

True words honey


(Baby Update later today)

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