Monday, October 22, 2012

26 weeks and Camping

So we went camping on Friday night and the kids absolutely LOVED it.
We camped in tents but with air mattresses of course. With the temp dropping to a low of 43 that night I am thankful for my little space heater we had. Mallie slept between her Mimi and Grandaddy in their tent and Brett slept in his playpen (well most of the night) in our tent.  During the night while in deep sleep... Brett starts saying "Daddy...... Mommy.... Daddy" , in his sweet voice of course.
Precious boy :0)

Daddy taught Mallie how to roast marshmallows.
 She wasn't interested in making smores... just roasting those marshmallows.
I think she would have roasted the whole bag if we would have let her.
The next morning we just hung out until it was time to pack it up.
Daddy got nauseous so he had to sit out of packing/loading stuff up.... very convenient eh?!
*I am just picking on him... he really was sickly*
Baby update 26 Weeks
I look ginormous in this picture.... and I feel it too, so that doesn't help.
How far along: 26 weeks!
Baby Size: English Hothouse Cucumber -14 in. (1lb 2/3rds) - that quarter sure is small now
Maternity clothes: Yes & No (More on the Yes)
Sleep: Pretty good
Anything that makes you queasy or sick: Brett's poo poo diapers
Best moment of the week: Had a sweet lady at Target tell me I look great :0) Made my day!
Movement: Yes!
Food Cravings: Milk or Ice cream
Gender: BOY
Symptoms: I had a sharp pain in my lower back yesterday, so far this morning it
doesn't seem to be flaring up
Mood: A little overwhelmed, I haven't done anything to prepare for this baby and I still have
some things I need to buy! Why doesn't money grow on trees?!
Looking forward to: Getting the glucose test over with, blah!
Have a Marvelous Magical Mad Madam Mim Monday
p.s I will be posting about my fabric for sale tomorrow!!

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