Friday, October 5, 2012

Outfits and Life

Picture Day is Sunday, Whoo Hoo!!
Here are the Details:
Time: 5:00pm
Weather: High 67 and Low 46 (Chilly!!)
2 outfits needed per person
I need some help on a few minor tweaks

Mallie's Outfits

Option 1

Mini Boden Hedgehog Cardigan, RL White Ruffle Shirt, RL Skinny Jeans, Gap Boots

Target Green Cardigan, White Tulle Dress, Striped Stockings, Leopard Flats

Option 2

Change Made: RL Flare Jeans , Target Leopard Flats

Change Made: Target Dot Stockings, Gap Boots

Option 3

Change Made: RL Blue Striped Shirt, Target Green Cardigan

Change Made: Mini Boden Hedgehog Sweater

Option 4

Change Made: Carters Dot Shirt

I need help deciding :
Which stockings?
Which undershirt with hedgehog cardigan? or with dress instead?
Which jeans/shoes?
Should I pack a Pink Bow as well?
Which ensemble is your favorite?

Brett's Outfits
Boys are so much easier to assemble

RL Blue Striped Shirt, Khaki Cords, Green Gingham Shirt, Gap Jeans

My Outfits

Option 1

(Same outfit different color necklace)

Old Navy Purple Cardigan, Target (Juniors) Lace Dress, Stein Mart Leggings, Target (Online) Boots,

Which Necklace?

Green or Turqouise

Option 2

NY&Co Mustard Sequin Cardigan, Anthropologie Striped Dress, JCrew (Outlet) Necklace

Which Necklace?

JCrew or Druzy Stone?

Option 3

Change Made: Target Green Cardigan, Orange Ebay Necklace

Which Necklace?

Orange or JCrew

I need help deciding:
What necklace with white dress?
What cardigan with striped dress?
What necklace with striped dress?
I also can borrow the yellow ebay necklace from my friend if I need too so that can be a
 necklace option too!!

Option 4 (If I Wasn't Preggers)
This option is for those who want to know what other option I would choose if there
 wasnt a huge belly in the way :0)

Change Made: Old Navy Purple Cardigan, Belk (Juniors) Printed Dress, JCrew Necklace 

Well Ladies and Gents thats it for the outfits,
 I hope you enjoyed peeking into my closet!!

Please help me make some decisions peeps!!

On another note
I made the Pumpkin Spice Frappe (coffee-free) and It was really good!

Brett was sick yesterday with a nasty sinus infection/pink eye

Mallie went to Ballet class and stayed with her Mimi and Granddaddy last night so I am sure she will come home spoiled this afternoon ;0)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. For you I love all of the outfits, but I think Option 3 is my favorite:)
    For Mallie: I think Option 3 is also my fav, but all of them are precious:))