Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Top 10

JCrew Classic Pave Link Bracelet
Yes I might be totally crazy for wanting a piece of fine jewelry for $125
** cough... Jordan... cough.... anniversary gift... cough cough***
I bet there are coupon codes out there on Google ;0)
Classic pavé link bracelet

My question though is would any of ya'll want that or just settle for something similar but way
less expensive like below?? Then there is the aching thought ... all of my jewelry I own is $20 or less, wouldn't it be nice to have a really nice piece of jewelry?
*Of course I have like maybe 3 things that classify as "real stuff", however I hardly wear them*

Large Gold Chain Bracelet

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Frappe
*A 45 or 70 calorie version, with or without coffee.... yes please!*


I will be trying out the recipe this week and I'll let ya'll know how it tastes :0)
Here are other recipes as well
here here or here

State Fair
I love the smell of fair food with the crisp cool fall air.
It also marks a special occasion between the hubs and I. We had our first date at the fair :0)
Am I the only one who loves those free biscuits with honey? Yummy!
The Mississippi State Fair starts today (it's always best to go within the 1st week)

Ferris Wheel Print - Ferris Wheel Photograph - Fine Art Print - Art Print 5x7

obviously since I can barely fit into real clothes and I refuse to buy maternity....
 jewelry, purses, shoes and socks seem to be my only market.

Colorful Chunky Bead Necklace-Choose One- NOW in SIlver too

Mini Flower Charm Necklace- 14K Gold filled chain

*Only a few will know and appreciate this one below*
Jordan, I saw this and thought you would laugh if I had this :0)


Caramelo Necklace
via or ebay

I actually really like this one but it's easily $50 on ebay, so I thought about DIY.
Target sells the sparkle bead, I am sure I can find similar stones at Michael's, however I would have extra beads so I could make extra necklaces and just sell them??
I dunno... I am a little lazier than normal right now ;0)

My camel colored flat boots are wearing out on me, like they might not make it to December.
So I am on the hunt for some camel colored boots.

The only type of boots I can buy are the zip up kind, due to my huge monstrosity bear dancer calves.
So that narrows down the playing field

AEO Buckled Riding Boot

These Old Navy ones look kinda cheap though


I think I like these the best


Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Beyond It All

Once Upon A Time
a tv marathon with the DVD collection obviously



Lifeproof iPhone Case
Pricey but needed, Brett reached up on the counter the other night and grabbed my phone then proceeded to run from me while I chased after him then tossed it to the ground. I think it is a worthy investment.
*It's cheaper on ebay btw*

LifeProof Case Hard Case for iPhone 4 & 4S - Black

and lots of it

AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink
We LIVE on this stuff

If you want some clean energy & mental focus go here and get some!
We put our coffee pot away the 1st week we tried it.

*Canister is more bang for the buck btw*

If you have any questions about it, please ask me :0)

A trip to IKEA
well since Greece, Rome, Paris are out of the equation right now

File:Ikea logo.svg

I need to get some stuff for the kids like before I have this baby!

Davidoff Echo Purfume
A couple of years ago they discontinued this purfume (which is my all time favorite btw) and every time I would see a purfume store I would ask if they had any left and alas... "No" was the answer every time.
Well apparently I didn't really even think about Amazon or Ebay having it until today.
I can get the big bottle 3.4fl oz for $36, whoop whoop!
*Jordan I would like to add this as a contender for my anniversary gift as well*

Echo Woman By Davidoff For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Ounces

Oh we are having pictures done this coming Sunday, whoo hoo.
I am sooooo ready to replace the photos I have of Mallie (when she was 2) and Brett
(when he was like 3-4 months old)... yea I haven't been keeping up with that very well.
Life is so busy you have to force things like this to happen or one day the kids will be teens and I won't have any pictures of them growing up except my iPhone pictures. Blah... guilt...... blah.

Hey it's Wednesday peeps that means we have officially made it halfway through the work week!

Thank the Lord!!


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