Friday, November 16, 2012

Birthday's and a Turkey in between

Tomorrow is Brett's 2nd Birthday!
Wow I can't believe how fast he has grown!
I can remember every detail from his birth (and let me tell ya it was fast and au naturel)
He is the cutest/sweetest little boy I ever laid eyes on -yes I am biased :0)
I love you Brett-Brett , Brett-y Poo, Brett-man
Ok now I totally need to kiss some sweet cheeks!
In 2 weeks I'll be doing this whole birthday party bizness AGAIN
 *Mallie turns 4 on December 4th
Let's just say the end of the year is looking like crazy town in the Berry household
Anniversary 11/04
Brett's Birthday 11/17
Thanksgiving 11/22 *this year
Mallie's Birthday 12/04
Christmas 12/25
New Years Day
Baby #3 TBA???
Whew I am worn out already!
And I didn't even put the other family birthdays
that fall in between there!
Oh and in case it snuck up on you.... Next Thursday is Thanksgiving!!!
Seriously!?!? Where has the time gone??

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