Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Pre-Thanksgiving day
I was finishing up the rest of my friends' pillows

Mallie loves to help me when I sew :0)

Thanksgiving Day
We hung out at the in-laws, ate (alot) and played outside

The kids loved being wheeled around in a wheelbarrow

 Black Friday
The kids helped me set up the Christmas Tree when they woke up from their nap
*I told them to kiss each other..... awww*
Really they just played with some sparkly stems and watched me
And yes they were in their pj's all day Friday.... haha
I decorated my Mother-in-law's tree & house for Christmas
And by Saturday night I was pooped!!
Sunday's agenda consisted of Church, nap and NOTHING.
I hope all of ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving !! :0)
P.S. I have a DIY Tomato Cage Tree tutorial being posted tomorrow, stay tuned!

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