Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Tomato Cage Tree

Supplies Needed for 1 Tree:
Tomato Cage (I used the 42 inch size)
Floral Wire
Garland (I used the soft kind from Walmart)
2- 100 count Mini Christmas Lights
Electrical Tape (I used what I had on hand)
1. Tape the ends to form a tree shape
(I only found blue electrical tape, oh well)

2. Take some floral wire and secure around the taped part
3. Starting at the bottom working your way up the top
Take the floral wire and secure at the base then pull it up to the next hoop and loop around, do the same for the next hoop part. When you come to the top, loop around the tape/floral wire then cut.
* I did a total of 6 wires running up*
I did these 2 steps because when I tried to wrap the garland around the cage without it, it looked just plain bad/weird trust me
4. Start at the bottom with the garland secure the end with some floral wire

5. Start wrapping all the way up to the top


hide your tape :0)

6. Now just add your lights
**Wrap from Top to Bottom so your plug is at the bottom
(When your done wrapping the lights you can adjust the garland to hide some of the cording)
Cost Breakdown:
Tomato Cage $2.98
Soft Garland $7.50
Floral Wire $1.50 (I had a 40% off coupon)
2 boxes 100 mini lights $6.00
Electrical Tape -free
=$17.98 a tree
Now that might seem steep to some people but if I were to stick these in some pots and make them topiaries then you could easily pay about $30-100 a tree if bought from a store.
So all in all I love my little trees and knowing I made them myself makes it even better :0)
Here are some other examples
You could skip the garland and just heavily wrap some lights around a tomato cage
(I wanted them to be pretty during the day as well so I went with the garland)
See here in pot
Or you could get all fancy schmancy like this lady did
Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Urns
Or use deco mesh like this site did
deco mesh christmas tree ideas how to
You can Google Tomato Cage Tree or look on Pinterest and I am sure you
will find some cool ideas :0)
Happy Tuesday

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