Friday, December 21, 2012

Boys room, Carseats and Miracles

Raise your hand if you love a good messy room photo?!?!
*Recap from Tuesday evening*
Here is the hubs putting together Brett's new bed! (Scored from CL)

Oh yea, you know you wanted to see more of the chaos!

If you haven't noticed already, this is a small room with a ton of furniture.
Below is the attempt to organize the chaos until my bins arrived for the shelves.
Hence why there is a collaboration of crap all in them shelves. ;0)

So here is what has happened Tuesday night:
Removed Black Dresser and brought in IKEA Chest from living room (for a changing table)
Removed Closet Door - placed IKEA Chest against that small piece of wall
Placed Crib where black dresser was
Brett's first night in a big boy bed! He loves it too!
(He only got out of bed twice- not bad)
Organize the bookshelves (bins arrived yesterday)
Organize room in general
did I mention Organize?
Get hubs to put stuff in attic
Move bassinet to my room
Oh and that night I finally starting fooling around with the car seat that was given to us, and guess what .... after some frustration and confusion with meddling with it I Googled it.
Ahem* It has been recalled.....wowzers. And I can go into labor at any point??!?
Sheer panic people... I was like "Jordan we have to get a car seat now!"
So with some tag teaming we found a car seat on Albee Baby
Graco Snug Ride 35 Infant Car Seat - Laguna Bay
Max weight = 35 lbs
Max height = 32 in
Excellent choice and on sale + free shipping!! Whoop whoop
It will be here next Thursday - Thank goodness!
 I should have some Boy's room update pictures by next week :0)
Me Update:
I am doing better, still exhausted but I am able to get around.
Thankfully Jordan's aunt came over last night and helped with the kids
and my sweet friend Tiffany brought over some Beef stew  (extra Iron = awesomeness)
By the way God is so good.
We were so low in our bank acct yesterday morning and God just showed up and took care of us.
Miracles people.... miracles!
Don't doubt for a second that God doesn't hear you or see what is going on. He knows! And if you have the faith and speak the words, He will show up and keep his promise!!!
I hope you have finished your Christmas shopping - unlike me :0(
Looks like I will need some God given strength to finish it up tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

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