Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Baby Shower

My sweet friends did a sock monkey theme. It was too cute!
I immediately said when I walked in "It's like Pinterest in here!"

The Red Candy Bar

They even had our pastors' mother making New Orleans style Banana's Foster....
no picture was taken of them bc well we all scarfed it down too quickly!
My sweet friend Jennifer (hostess)

My friend Tiffany
(who has still not fessed up to where all the green M&M's went after she picked them
 out for the candy bar)
hahaha ;0)


My other pregnant friend Brittany, who is due about 2 weeks after me.


I took pictures with all the ladies in front of Jennifer's Christmas tree and I started
 to feel like Santa Clause, hah!
"Hey come and sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas" :0)
I LOVE these Izze Drinks :0)

Oh and I have to tell on myself on what I did about 5 minutes after I arrived.
I was walking toward the breakfast area (with about 7 ladies staring at me)
 I paused and grabbed my stomach and said
"Oh!! I think my water just.... "
"I'm just kidding!!!" < as I die laughing
You should have seen their faces.... sheer terror I say!
I am so bad ;0)

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