Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Today I just feel extra large.... blah.
It's overcast and rainy as well so that could be a contributing factor to my blah-ness.
I am also covering for my co-worker all this week so I have been crazy busy at work.
Here are some pictures from the other night when we went to my office Christmas party
(The hubster took me to Charming Charlie's before the party, pic below)
And here we are at the party


My sweet mother-in-law obviously felt bad for me and has given me some money
to buy some maternity tops.
This morning it was either option A or option B and that's it for what I can wear, seriously.
I told ya'll yesterday I have outgrown even most of my maternity tops.... I apparently pop out more than other pregnant ladies. 
Does is seem like all the cute clothes come out when your pregnant and can't wear any of it?
I have been upset that all of the colored denim is on sale and I can't buy any because I have no idea what size to get (post pregnancy).
 I know I could probably guess, but skinny jeans are alot different than regular jeans. :0( booo
Any-hoo I am on the hunt for 3 tunics that can help me make it to the end of this 9 month journey but also can be worn after the baby. Jersey-knit anyone?
I'll let you know what I find.
Oh and Mallie turned 4 today! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!
I think I am about to go make some hot chocolate with marshmallows

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