Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Well it's been one of the longest/craziest work weeks ever.... but I did survive... somehow.
One thing is for sure, I thoroughly enjoy coming home every night to my sweeties :0)

The kids love having a Christmas tree in the living room. In fact the moment the kids get home they run over and fight to turn on the lights. It is also a challenge to keep the kids away from the tree in general. I did hang non-breakable ornaments on the bottom but somehow we have already had a couple casualties. I was like "It's ok Brett, I didn't even like that ornament" haha

Jordan was working last night and I was super exhausted so I put on my the kids
 favorite movie -Tangled.
Mallie however started loving on Brett and giving him sugar and blowing on his belly while he was trying to watch the movie. He kept pushing her away and fussing at her. It was too funny.

On a side note I am thinking about getting a Sony A35 DSLR Camera with my Christmas money..
I talked with a local camera expert and this has a really fast shutter speed.
 (like I really know what means)
 He said it's the delay between when you hit the button and when it clicks.
 It has a translucent mirror that makes it able to do it.
So it's perfect for kids who don't stay still! hahaha
Anyone own this camera? Or do you have other recommendations?
I know on Young House Love they use and love the Nikon D3200
Both were rated really well so I guess now its up to price point and suggestions.

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