Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Finds

I bought this fox for the baby yesterday, isn't he cute!?!?!
Cuddlesome Fox

New Maternity Clothes I scooped up
(thanks to my sweet mother-in-law - who had a successful surgery btw!!)

Old Navy Tunics
The tunics were an extra 15% off = $15.30 & $12.75

Maternity Scoop-Neck Empire-Waist Tunic

Gap Dress
This dress was an extra 30% off = $17.50

French terry dress

I also bought this navy tunic at Charming Charlies yesterday
I had a $10 off coupon = $19.99 Booyah!

Here is a better close up of my jewelry
The earrings I bought at Charming Charlies before the Christmas party ($7.95)
The necklace was a gift from the Premier Jewelry Party my mother-in-law hosted before Thanksgiving

I really need some new slippers and these few have caught my eye
Women's Claudi Slipper

Bow and Sequin Slippers

Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Boot Slipper - Assorted Colors

Women's Carden Striped Slipper - Multicolor

Oh and check out this scarf I am eyeing as well....

Felt dot scarf


Did I ever tell you the amazing deal I got on 2 tops from the Loft?
(You saw the colorblock cardigan on me from the other night)

Both of these tops totaled like $111 ($50+ each -ouch!)
-BOGO all Tops that day
- 20% off coupon
- $25 off  = $41.09 total!
So I bought each top for about $19.00!!

Paillette Statement Cotton TeeMid Colorblocked Crew Neck Cardigan

Sequin Top  Colorblock Cardigan

Well that's it for today...

Yay for being 1 day closer to Friday!!



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