Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Did I mention that I love to paint?

So I painted this awhile back ... like when Mallie was less than a year old. So far this is my favorite piece of art I have ever painted. I love the colors, texture and I am just really proud of it. :0)

I used acrylic mixed with a Gel Medium
It is usually hanging in the living room but the reindeer took it's place this month, so it is just propped up on my nightstand for now.

I would love to paint more like this but the only thing in my future as of now is a baby :0)
Maybe next year when the kids nap I'll be picking my paint brush or in this case palette knives....
Yay for Wednesday! or aka  We made it halfway through the week day!
Oh prayers needed for my Mother-in-law today, she is having bladder surgery right now